Why is necessary tobe open a new-aged amusement park?

In the last years the tourism in Bulgaria is affirmed as one of lead , winning branches in the economy of the country. Amusing parks are anundividable part of the infrastructure of the tourist sentres.

Our ambitious are to build namely a such entertaining park.


The benefits are
andeniable, due to it is much functional and solid. He will vary the tourist's offer in the region and will increase its competitiveness. The amusing part of the park will offeragreat variety of entertainment games, consistent with
the interests of different age
- groups of visitors. In the park except the amusement attractions- inflatable slides, bouncing castles, mechanical trains and merry go rounds will be open a special kids areas, which all together will contribute to higher quality and kids’ great satisfaction. All facilities that will be located are aligned with conditions of safe exploitation to the European union and have the needed certificates and tests for safety and a technical aptitude

Let’s think about our children.

The infrastructure, that will procure the needed conditions on the stay and the rest will be built as to the children so as well of their parents . The coffee and sweet shop, pub , will be built to be at the desposal of the visitors as in this manner the opportunity for harmonizing the sterling recess with the entertainment will be made.

Closed area will be framed up- with the needed sizes and heating, so that offering choice services in all seasons will be possible year - around
,independently from the climatic conditions.

In the winter season the diversification to the offered services is envisioned,
A very big attraction for the visitors will be the planned ……….

With the planned sizes andall these atractions, he will lend new appearance to the region and will increase its competitiveness. Its miscellaneous modern equipments and the elfin atmosphere, that will be recreated will be unforgettable experience in the amusing center for the children and pleasant way to spend the free time for their parents.

2. Conceptional plan

The main idea is building a child
rens amusing center to area from five next to ten decares in the project. He will be proper for visit of families with children from onetill thirteen years old. It is anticipated within the open area to be constructed that will be used in the warm months and closed area which will be individualized of spots for games and entertainments. In the open the crated infrastructurewill make conditions on harmonizing the diversions with entertainment But Namely :

  • › Green area-
  • › lanes with benches
  • › a lake with a fountain-
  • › decoration and the proper lighting
  • ›Stage for expression of little talents .

The closed area will consist of:
  • ›Coffee -confectionery-
  • ›Birthdays’ and festivalroom
  • ›Puppet theatre
  • ›Office
  • ›Staff room

Building this project can be shared
by stage. Thatwill be easy for complete investing. At the close of first stage,it will be able to function on it’s own, during building the second stage the closed part.

4.Stages of realization

The approved version develops as work project with following phases at realizing the project :

  • -Geological survey-
  • -architectural project-
  • -tectonic undertaking
  • -Electricity Providing of drains and water
  • -Heating, ventilation
  • -project -effectiveness-
  • -interior project
  • -attractions

The complete masterminding and
buiding of the amusing park will be done by bulgarian companies.

5. Social consequence

The benefits
from the constraction of this park are irrefutable.He will be one singular opportunity for spending the off - time and the diversion of the residents of the city and its visitors. It will give the opportunity for all the year-round work positions. It will lend for gaining extra revenues at the municipality. In the social company policy are open-door visits of children from social homes, and orphans. There will be organized a lot of parties, competitions and prizes.

We are ready to collaborative undertaking with the municipality, longterm rental, a concession, purchase to the terrain or the alternate way proposed by you. We consider in the recent realization of our idea.

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