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Our main activity is the rental of recreational and entertaining facilities .The rich variety of attractions offered / coin operated machines,the biggest mobile inflatable park in Bulgaria- inflatable bouncers,slides and obstacle course, mechanical trains and carousels / defines the wide range of events, occasions where we may ask:

* For a particular holiday / corporate, birthday, celebration of the city, Christmas, Kids` Day ... /

* Joint activity / rental of equipment coin as receive %  of revenues /

* For advertising and film production / arranged as desired with stickers prezantirane advertising of products or advertising to capture video /

* Lease for long period / seasonal basis to carry out the event for a longer period - days, months /

For each of these options has developed programs in accordance with the period, rental method, place of delivery.

Relying on the wide range of facilities, our modern ideas, experience and professional team charged with creative energy and desire for expression we provide:

*Kid`s birthdays and holidays

* Corporate holidays

* Carnivals, festivals, fairs

These are cases where you have opportunity and plan for the holiday, have a place must be create entertainment area. According to your preferences and the amount of free place, we will offer options of various combinations of entertainment facilities, consistent with the themes and the age of the participants. Among them will be offered services accompanying festivities: Animator, decoration with balloons, face paintings, sweets / candy floss, popcorn, sweets / puppet theater, DJ, photo and video capture from your own discretion which may be included in the package .

Each of these extra services undoubtedly give more for the good party and unforgettable memories. Decoration with balloons adds festive atmosphere created by nice attractions.

The presence of an animator who cares for the entertainment of participants creates emotion, joy, completeness of the holiday itself.

What is a celebration without music, dance and sweets? And how will our memories remain without photos?

Everything that we offer, and what will you choose depends on your wishes, preferences and capabilities.

Serve all areas of the country as an additional transport fee is payable depending on the remoteness.

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