Shool and Kinder garden Fetes


School Fetes and Fete Games by Lotoland Entertainment 

Thanks for your interest in our Fete and Festival Packages. Some helpful hints to a successful event.

School Fetes - Know your market
Make sure you get the right of mix entertainment, attractions and food options for your target market. Have you got the right attractions for the target age group.
Check your pricing, can you charge a little bit more or is your market very price sensitive? If the event is a fundraiser you will want to maximize your financial result whilst giving the patrons a great experience and building relationships with your suppliers.


School Fetes - Do something different
What can you do this year to make your event a bigger success than last year?
Make it interesting! What do you have this year that will set you apart from the other fetes and festivals in your area?
Whilst your previous supplier may have provided good service and do a good job, is it time to add more variety and engage other suppliers?

School Fetes - Celebrities
Ask around your community, your sure to find someone that knows a celebrity who can attend your event. They may be sports stars, TV personalities or have a high profile.
Celebrities attract a crowd.

School Fetes - Get media coverage
You may be able to get a radio station to attend with their mobile promotional vehicle and plug your event on air. Get the local paper to become a sponsor and provide free editorial and advertising.

School Fetes - Ticket Sales
Sell wristbands In advance of the day. The wristbands give the purchaser unlimited access to all the rides for the duration of the event. Have the bands sold at school assembly or in class 4-6 weeks from your fete day. This will ensure you have the sales made and free up more money for the patrons to spend on the day on other items including food and stalls.

School Fetes - Profit Share

We have a limited number of profit share events every year which we participate in. For your school to be considered as one your school will need the fulfill a few selection criteria. 


School Fetes - Rides 

For our equipment you pay for the rides and attractions outright, set your own ticket prices and keep all the takings on the day. The ride packages includes 4 hours or operation (extra hours can be booked), delivery, setup, supervision, $20 Million Public Liability insurance with Lloyds of London, tickets and wristbands. You can choose from the packages below or put your own package together from our website. Call us for a package price.

Package 1
Rio Grande train
Helicopters Swing Ride
Jurassic Park  Inflatable
Shark Inflatable  Slide
 Clown Jumping  Castle
Mechanical Rodeo
Fairy Floss and Popcorn machines

Package 5
Grand Prix Obstractle Course
Jurassic Park Surviver
Under the Sea Adventure
Fairy Floss and Popcorn machines

Kidies Rides


Package 2
Jumpin Star Ride
Jolly Bees Swing Ride
Teddy Bear Jumping Castle
Air Hockey Game

Package 6
Elephant Jumping  Castle
Under the sea Adventure
Air Joy Ride

Package 3
Space Train Ride
Mechanical Surfboard
Jungle Inflatable  Slide
Elephant Jumping Castle
Boxing Ring

Package 7
Mini Jungle Swing Ride
Forest Nook Play

Kidies Rides 

Package 4
Titanic Inflatable Slide
 Helicopters Swing Ride
Jurassic Park Survaivor
Forest Nook Play
  Sideshow Game Package
(includes fluffy toys and prizes )
Air Hockey Game
Duck Pond Game
Hippo-Hippo Redemptoin Machines

School Fetes and Fete Games by Lotoland  Entertainment 

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